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Just like using the credit cards Safe・Secure cards numbers releasing service(Prepaid Virtual Creditcard) Mastercard®Net

※The services may not be available even at some Mastercard®member stores.

How To Use

Register for the member of chocom (for free)
Charge the chocom eMoney
Apply for Mastercard®Net

※Only Available To Japan Residents with age 18 or over.

Please follow the steps to apply.

  • Please log-in the member page of Chocom eMoney.
  • Please click "Apply" of Mastercard®Net.
  • Please enter the name of the credit card holder, and click "Apply" button after accepting the terms of service.
    You can setup the name of credit card holder freely. (Please enter the name in Roman letters.)
  • Please confirm the name and issuing fee before click "OK".

    The issuing fee is JPY 195 each time to apply for Mastercard® Net. It will be deducted from the balance of Chocom eMoney.
    It can't be issued while the balance of chocom eMoney is less than JPY 195.
  • Mastercard® Net issued.
    You can confirm the numbers of Mastercard® Net, expiration date, the name of the credit card holder, security code and certification passwords at the page.

The issuance procedure is completed. Mastercard®could be used on available websites as credit cards.

Use Mastercard®Net

Please check your information of Mastercard® Net and the balance of Chocom eMoney before using.

Online Shopping

  • Please select the payment method as Credit Cards. (The service of Mastercard has to be available.)

Pay With Mastercard®Net

  • Please enter your information of Mastercard® Net on the credit card payment form of the shopping website, and proceed with the payment.
    If 3D security code is requested (to confirm the user) in the process, please enter your certification passwords of Mastercard®Net.
  • When the payment on the shopping website is finished, the amount will be deducted from the balance of Chocom eMoney.
Method of Control

① Usage History

  • Please click “Usage History” of “Mastercard® Net” on member’s menu.
  • Your usage history of Mastercard® Net will be displayed.

② Card Information Confirmation

You could confirm your Mastercard® Net card information by clicking card number.


  • The max value of usage is JPY 49,999.
  • The effective period of issued card numbers is for 6 months(※1). You could use the same card number unlimited within effective period(※2). You will not be able to use the numbers of Mastercard® Net for shopping when it’s expired.
    ※1 Till the end of the fifth month, with the next month of issuing day of Mastercard® Net considered the first month.
    ※2 The card number issued before 12 o’clock on May 29th, 2014 can only be used once.
  • You can't use it when the balance of Chocom eMoney is less than the payment amount.
  • You can have up to 3 sets of the numbers of Mastercard® Net at once.
  • You can't cancel the membership of Chocom before the payment is finished.

<ChocomeMoney Notandums>

  • In general, Chocom eMoney can't be refunded. With a compelling reason, refund could be paid with a deduction of 10% of account balance (minimum JPY500) as service charge.
    Please check the details here
  • Please be noted that if there is no any change of the balance of Chocom eMoney for 3 & half years, the balance of Chocom eMoney will be invalid and the membership of Chocom will canceled.
    Please check the details here

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